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Maple Quilt Archtop Back and Side Set, Highly Figured - Stock #40525

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1 Archtop Big Leaf Maple Quilt (Acer Macrophyllum) Back and Side set.
- Back set of two pieces, each half: 61.2cm x 31cm x 2.5cm (24" x 12.2" x 0.9 ")
- Side set of two pieces, each half: 90.3cm x 16cm tapering to 14cm x 5.5mm (35.5" x 6.2" tapering to 5.5cm x 0.2")

No structural defects in the template area. There is a very shallow crack on one end as marked but avoids the template area. Skip planed top and back.
Kiln dried, currently at 10% moisture content.