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GluBoost Loves Wood!

Looking for breakthrough turn outs for your builds, finishes, and ding and dent repair? Look no further! The GluBoost professional system provides flawless results that industry elite rely upon daily!

MasterGlu is a clear glue for wood, from the Original GluBoost! MasterGlu is perfect for guitar builds and repairs or any other project where a great looking, super strong, ultra clear, CA wood glue adhesive is required. MasterGlu is the best Water Clear “go to” general purpose adhesive available. Period! Super Strong, Ultra Clear, and Guaranteed Fresh, MasterGlu adhesives make your builds and repairs unbeatable every single time!

Fill n’ Finish Formulas are the best pore fillers, ding repair solution, and wood finishes available – Guaranteed Fresh. Flexible and clear, Fill n’ Finish is perfect for pore filling and wood repairs making it both fast and easy to use. Use for wood finishing, builds, ding and dents, repairs, pore fills, top coating, inlay work, marquetry, and wood turning.

GluDry speeds up the cure of your CA glues and finishes, with no pitting, hazing, crazing, blooming, yellowing or white spots. It cures clear and fast every time — with far less dust and sanding, is great for multi-piece bonding, and is acetone free.

Check out all these products and more below!