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Stallion Tenoning Jig (Fits both right / left tilt table saws)

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  • Heavy-duty cast-iron construction, manufactured and assembled with great precision.
  • Large handles for better operator control.
  • Clamp arm swivels up and down, as well as back and forth, to accom-modate a wider range of workpiece sizes and shapes.
  • Large cast-iron base for greater stability, mounted on a standard 3/8? x 3/4? bar ? fits all right or left tilt table saws.
  • Quick, easy, and precise adjust-ments for professional results.
  • Lateral adjustment runs on two pa-rallel tracks for greater accuracy.
  • Equipped with quick, easy lock handles. Threaded rods and knobs for precise fine-tune adjustments.
  • Fits all right tilt or left tilt table saws with standard 3/8? x 3/4?miter tracks.
  • Stock hold-down arm mounted on a tempered steel rod.
  • Adjustable 90? positive stop for ac-curate repetitive cuts.
  • Ball-point guide bar adjustment for better accuracy.