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Rivolver 4 Piece Carbide Turning Tool Set w/15" Handle

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CWI-TT4-CT-L This Rivolver 4 piece Carbide Tipped wood turning tool set features the newest technology in wood turning tools. Featuring 15" handles, these heavy duty tools each offer carbide replaceable cutting tips with multiple sharp cutting edges. Carbide will last up to 50 times longer than high speed steel making these tools a pleasure and simple to use… no more hours at the grinder putting new sharp edges on your tools. Simply loosen the holding screw and change the tip to a new sharp edge… replace when all edges are used up. The other unique feature of the Rivolver carbide tools is that the handles and chisels are interchangeable and replaceable. Simply loosen the locking collet on the handle by hand and the steel 11" shaft slides right out of the handle making it simple to interchange handles and cutting tools. This set is a perfect choice for any woodturner whether new to the craft or the experienced turner looking for more performance from your turning tools. Included in the kit:
  • 4- 15" European Ash Handles
  • 4- 11" Steel Cutting Tool Shafts
  • 1- Round Carbide Cutter
  • 1- Square Carbide Cutter
  • 1- Radius Carbide Cutter
  • 1- Triangle Carbide Cutter