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Rikon 4-Piece Woodturning Set with Carbide Insert Cutters

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The Rikon 70-800 Woodturning System was created for experienced and novice woodturners alike. This turning system features tungsten carbide cutters, to ensure that the cutting edges remain sharp for longer than typical carbon or high speed tools. After hours and hours of use, if a cutter becomes dull, you can easily rotate it to work with another new side of the edge. Changes take only seconds!

The 70-800's 16" long, machined aluminum handle comes with an anti-vibration grip, and features a forward, internal chucking system for attaching the shafts to the handle. All you have to do is unscrew the top chuck collet, insert any of the three supplied shafts with carbide cutters, tighten the chuck collar, and you're ready to turn! No tools required!

Optional Accessories:
Extension - The 16" handle supplied in the set is hollow with a removable end cap. If a longer handle is desired for extra leverage, a separate 6" Handle Extension is available. This short handle section screws into the rear of the 16" handle, and the end cap is reinstalled onto the end of the extension.
Counterweight - If extra weight is desired to counteract vibration and kickback, common when turning, an optional solid steel Counterweight fits inside of the handle and is secured in place by the end cap.
Side Handle - The 16" handle's collar has a threaded side hole to install a Side Handle for extra holding stability, particularly when outboard turning of large bowls or platters. Depending on how the shaft is installed in the chuck, the side handle can be positioned for right or left hand use. 

Set Includes:
  • 16" machined aluminum handle
  • 3 shafts
  • 3 tungsten carbide cutters: Round, square, and diamond.
  • Mounting screws
  • T20 Star Wrench
  • Presentation / Storage Box