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Obsidian Ebony (Ebony Alternative) Bridge Blank

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1 Piece - Minimum Size 8" x 2.25" x .4" (20.32cm x 5.7cm x 10mm)

Ebony is fundamental to the music industry, having been used for years as fingerboards on guitars and high-end stringed instruments such as violin and cellos. With Ebony being on the endangered species list, and with an increasing push towards environmental sustainability, ebony alternatives have become a stronger option than ever before.

Obsidian Ebony is a new Canadian-Made, eco-conscious Ebony alternative, created using two unique and precision-focused technologies, thermal modification and monomer infusion.

While other ebony alternatives currently on the market are what we call "composite" products, which take wood in the form of woodchips or veneers and compress them into solid forms to produce a new product, Obsidian is not a composite product. It is a solid wood product, usually hard Maple or Birch. The pieces are thermally modified in a torrefaction chamber, which allows the operator to precisely dial in every possible variable to achieve the best result, and then is vacuum infused with a special monomer blend to ensure solid colour and stability throughout the piece. 

The Obsidian line of products will expand your capabilities as a builder, allowing you to try new concepts and designs that you didn't think were possible, all while using Canadian woods.